The Guggenheim at Bilbao – NOT kid friendly

A couple of days ago, we traveled to Bilbao specifically to go to the Guggenheim museum. The main attraction for us had been the architecture and just the possibility of a good overall experience. We arrived there on Wednesday night and by Thursday, we were up and ready to get going. The lady at the front-desk sold us 3 tickets, 2 adult, 1 student (our son is 16 years old and a student) and our 5-year old daughter entered free. Entering the museum is amazing. The internal architecture is something to look at in disbelief. From there, we moved to the actual exhibitions and that's where the trouble started. First, yes, yes, yes, we know that all parents think their kids are the best.

Live abroad? How to forward your US phone number internationally

About a year ago, our family moved from California to Europe. When we moved, we had to figure out the best way to keep in touch with folks back home and we came up with this idea. We needed a service that would forward calls to a US number to an international line. It turned out this way possible, but we needed a little bit of hopping around. That's when we decided on this system: Setup a Google Voice number Google voice allows you to forward calls to another US number. Setup a Voip account. We decided to use CallCentric. We used CallCentric when we lived in the US and always liked the service. So we kept it. Get a Linksys Voip receiver. You need