A tale of two helmets

About 9 years ago, when Anthony still could not ride two-wheels, he took this shot of him wearing my helmet. Yesterday, Alexi did the same thing, but this time with Anthony's latest Suomy helmet, which weighs half of what mine did back then. I suppose that's about right, since she's half of Anthony's age at that time.

We are ready to go racing…

Over the holidays we completed the re-build of the RS125, with Roland's help. We did a simple rebuild, nothing fancy. The crank was already at its service-life limit and there was not going to be enough time between the first and second rounds of the WERA calendar to do any major repairs, should something go wrong, so we took this opportunity to do all major work. While we worked on the engine, Carlos Neves, from CN Racing helped us with some aluminum welding we needed on our radiators. In addition to the engine work, we took the chassis to GPFrame and Wheel to make sure it was straight, sure enough, everything is looking pretty good. Lastly, we had the suspension internals updated to