Merry Christmas

Christmas this year was great for us. There are many things for which to be grateful. For starters, Anthony and Alexi are both great kids. Anthony is getting older and more mature every day. Alexi, on the other hand, reminds us of what Anthony used to be like. No care in the world. The world is at her disposal. Christina somehow continues to deal with me. I'm not sure why, because I'm not catch. Without her support, worrying about what time to leave for the race track would be at the bottom of the list. It is her that puts everything else together, that allows me to focus on the racing part, like engine building and bike maintenance. New Year will be

The engine is complete

Last night I completed final assembly of the Anthony's engine. We are keeping the engine 100% stock as we still feel that Anthony needs to push a little more. The good news is that we have a samba pipe waiting in the wings for when Anthony is ready to make the step. Also, today I picked up the chassis from Evolution suspension. Rob went through the forks and shock and replaced fluids and made sure all was ready. He did say the fluids were rather dirty and we need to bring it in for more frequent services. Anyway, 2011 is almost here and we can't wait. Ivan

We have parts coming from japan

Yesterday I got the email that said the parts from japan are on the way. This means that we should have a parts ready to rebuild Anthony's engine. This will be the first time I rebuild engine by myself. Roland will come down and watch me, but I'm doing most of the work. Wish me luck Ivan

The RS125’s engine may need a rebuild

Over the weekend we spent some time going over the engine on the RS125 and we discovered a few things. For starters, the ring began to stick from the last trackday. That's odd because we've never had ring-stick in the past. However, we also had never struggled so badly during a trackday weekend either (remember, The ring sticking caused the cylinder's plating to begin to deteriorate and now we need to get the cylinder plated. This is going to be an expensive proposition, as there appears to be no-one in the US that can do it well, or accurately-enough as HRC. The only other option is getting a new cylinder which is about $750.00... WOW, yes... WOW. So right now we're

Anthony is now an expert-level racer.

We got the good news on thanksgiving, that WERA had upgraded Anthony's racing license from novice to expert due to his race-finishes. 2011 is already looking up. Ivan