Racing… when things go wrong, they go wrong.

Last weekend was one of the toughest weekends we've had in racing. We spent most of Saturday morning trying to get lap times. There is a feature in our data acquisition dash which allows you to do split times. Well, we spent the whole morning trying to get the times, but ended up getting neither lap times or split times. By noon we decided to go with the normal lap times. That's when the computer decided to stop working. There went another hour wasted. By the time all was working we had three sessions to go. During those three sessions, Anthony did well, but as the day progressed, the track got slicker and slicker. Even under those circumstances, Anthony managed to put in

Thanksgiving is done… racing continues

We got thanksgiving out of the way and we are back to racing. We are on our way to Fontana for a potential two-day trackday, since the forecast calls for rain on Sunday. What is awesome about this weekend is that we are leaving very early. For the first time we are not rushing out if the bay area in rush-hour traffic. It should be a nice weekend. Wish us luck. Ivan

I’ve heard the future… and it sounds good

Honda has been trying to get rid of 2 strokes (2T) for the past decade and finally, in 2012 they will have achieved their goal. In 2012, MotoGP will no longer have a single 2T class. In 2010 they got rid of the 250cc 2T and 2011 is the final year of the 125cc class. Anyway, today, while browsing the internet, I found this: 125cc Replacement Bike If you click on: New Engine --> Sound you'll understand

The 2010 IMS Show

Over this past weekend we made our annual visit to the IMS show in San Mateo. I'm not sure if I was overly sensitive, but this year seemed to be lighter than ever before. Anyway, we made the most of it. One of the highlights was seeing the King's dirt-tracker... that thing is scary and it was not even running. Alexi had a blast running laps around people. I finally got a chance to keep her calm long-enough to take this photo That only lasted for a few seconds... and she quickly returned to terrorizing anyone near. Hopefully the next year, the event returns to its better days.

First post on the Tribu

Well, I guess this will be the classic first post. However, there is a reason for using WP. You see, a couple of days ago, a virus destroyed my home server. For the past few years, I've been running a home server that runs our websites. Well, that is now toast. So quicker than I ever thought would be possible, I migrated all of my data from our home server to So far, I have to say the experience has been awesome. If things continue as they have, I will probably also move my domain to this service. I'll probably also begin using this blog for Anthony's racing. Seems like a better interface than FB. Speaking of racing, today we're picking up